AMF Panels

Synchronizing panel The name itself describes its role when you link with Power Source. Means To compare, match, adjust with two or more power magnitude levels. The demand of synchronizing panels comes into action where power continuity is at a priority level. In Conclusion, Synchronising panels is the most important part for critical production industries in LT Panels.

Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These
panels function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for two or more
generators or breakers. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplex
solutions. Our high-quality range of DG synchronizing panels is available with capacities of connected generators up-to 10000 A, and are fabricated by our engineers using premium quality electrical components.
Principle of operation
All Power sources connected to common busbars using motorized circuit breakers or Air circuit
breakers. Whenever the main grid supply fails, synchronizing relay comes into action and give
control signal to alternate sources. So DG connected to common busbars. After that initial warmup, DG starts and allowed to rotate at full speed.


  •  Advanced as well as reliable control module
  • Full range protection function, and alarm shutdown feature
  • Protection class of IP52/IP55/IP65.
  • Peak Shaving Operation.
  • Standby Operation.
  • AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) Operation.
  • Cogeneration (CHP)
  • Isolated & Main Parallel Operation
  • Load Sharing and Load Dependent Start / Stop for multiple Gensets.
  • Soft loading.
  • Energy Import & Export Control.
  • Programmable Operational Sequence
  • Cable entry from the top, bottom or side of the panel
  •  Option of RAL 7032 colors finish or clients choice of finish

PCC Panels

PCC Panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the
industry is controlled. PCC Panel is a power distribution board to control the Electrical power supplied to HT Panels, MCC panels and transformers who play vital role in all electrical control system.

Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry. Normally Power Control Centers is installed near power source hence fault level is high. Various protections viz short circuit, overload, earth fault, under voltage etc. are provided to protect source
and equipment. PCC Panels widely used in refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals and Solar Industries and manufacturing industries.
We manufacture all indoor panels have the protection of IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with the 7-Tank process.


  • Robust, modular and compact construction with Ingress Protection class to IEC 529: IP 30 to 65
  • Busbar Design available in Copper & Aluminium sourced from Oriental Copper & Hindalco respectively
  • Option of RAL 7032 colors finish or clients choice of finish
  • Type Tested Assembly to IEC 61439
  •  Outgoing feeders are available in fully withdrawable, plug-in or fixed versions with a flexibility of modification /augmentation at any stage in the ordering process as well at site
  • Cable entry from the top, bottom or side of the panel
  • Rated frequency 50 Hz
  • Rated current up to 6300A
  • Rated voltage 690VAC
  • Rated short time withstand current: Up to 100kA
  • Rated impulse withstand current: Up to 220kA
  • Rated insulation voltage 1000V

MCC Panels

MCC Panel (Motor Control Center) that is a device used to control and actualize the performance of an electric motor. These MCC Panels are offered in a wide variety such as compartmentalized with ACB/ MCCB SFU, DOL, ATS, Star Delta Starters& VFD STARTERS.

This range of MCC Panels can be fully drawn out with incoming and outgoing feeders or non draw out type. The MCC Panels are extensively used for reducing start voltage, reversing control or varying the speed as per requirement and for protection against overloads and faults. We have designed and fabricated these systems using advanced technologies and modular construction with
flexible bus designs and have the protection of IP54 or more. This provides the system with easy
construction, installation, and operability. Different configuration of starters can be designed, such as the automatic star delta, the direction-liner, the soft starter, variable frequency drives (Siemens, Schneider, Danfoss) and others.


  • Having one of the largest installations of MCC (Motor Control Centers) we have the expertise to integrate switchgears, operating under any protocol to communicate onto any make of DCS
  • Freedom of choice in the selection of electrical equipment with regard to type and manufacturer of breakers for fixed, and withdrawable versions offering a degree of separation up to Form 4b
  • Robust, modular and compact construction with Ingress Protection class to IEC 529: IP 30 to 54
  • Busbar Design available in Copper & Aluminium sourced from Oriental Copper & Hindalco respectively
  • Option of RAL 7032 colors finish or clients choice of finish
  • Type Tested Assembly to IEC 61439
  • Cable entry from the top, bottom or side of the panel
  • Both front and rear side accessibility option with provision of double front construction also provided
  • DOL, Star-Delta, Soft Starter & VFD
  • Ensured high personnel safety

APFC Panels

Function of APFC panel is improve the power factor. Most of the electric load is reactive, resulting in poor
power factor. Companies distributing electricity encourage consumers to improve power factor. For improving power factor, electricity consumers have to connect capacitors of optimum rating across inductive

load. APFC is an automatic power factor electrical device which is employed to boost the ability factor, whenever required, by switching ON and OFF the desired capacitor bank units automatically. APFC Panel has microcontroller based programmable controller which switches the capacitor banks of suitable capacity automatically in multiple stages by directly reading the reactive load (RKVA) which works in the principle of VAR sensing tends to keep up the PF to 0.99 Lag. APFC Relay – Automatic Power Factor Controller Relay. Low Power Factor – Harms. In industries we've differing kinds of loads viz. resistive, inductive & capacitive. To improve the facility factor it's required to attach a hard and fast capacitor or capacitor bank at the LT side of the Transformer. For approximate KVAr of capacitors required. If the installation has various small loads with the mixture of huge loads then the APFC should be recommended.
APFC panels reduce operational losses. They can sense and control the load continuously without fail and delay. They are easy to use as every operation is done automatically. The panels can switch on or switch off the concerned capacitors so that consistent power factor is maintained


  • Fast Real Time Transient-Free switching of Capacitor Banks
  • Prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment in network
  • Highly intelligent micro processor based 3 phase P.F. Controller with Dual P.F. Setting and Master Slave modes
  • LCD Controller has inbuilt with Load Manager with front optical port
  • Optional pluggable Data Logger, Ethernet, USB, Rs485, GSM modern and capacitor protection modules
  • Option of RAL 7032 colors finish or clients choice of finish
  • Saves Energy with P.F Control and Harmonic Filtration
  • Extremely long-life expectancy
  • Available with Tuned, 7%, 5.6%, 4% or any other Tuning frequency as per customer request
  • System is available with Contactor switching for non-dynamic and normal loads – Ratings and Dimensions are same as Active Comp System

Control & Relay Panels

A control & relay panel is designed to provide to control the associated line or transformer through outdoor switchgear at various 11KV and 33KV zonal substations. The control & Relay panels are complete in themselves with all main and auxiliary relays, annunciation relay, fuses, links, switches, wiring, labels,terminal blocks, earthing terminals, base frame, foundation bolts, illumination, cable glands etc.

These panels are used for the control & monitoring of electrical equipment such as transformers, generators and circuit breakers. Indoor Control panel for Outdoor VCB includes IDMT Numerical relay, Master Trip Relay, Trip circuit Supervision Relay, Indications & meters etc. These control & Relays panels are available in various combinations as single circuit or multi-circuit depending upon the customer requirements.

  • Fully designed, manufactured, and tested as per customer philosophy
  • Factory engineered and tested
  • Fast commissioning and deployment at customer site
  • Complete protection of transformer or feeder
  • Alarm & Annunciation features
  • Simplex Construction
  • Multiple Construction Choice (front door or rear door type)
  • Also available with Communicable Relays
  • Multiple scheme configurations in a Single panel
  • Compact
  • CPRI tested
  • Vendor Approved from government Utilities like MPEB – Jabalpur, Bhopal & Indore

VFD Panels

A VFD control panel typically houses a selection of control panel components including a VFD, harmonic
filters, line reactors, surge protectors, a bypass, circuit breakers, motor starters, soft starters and some kind
of cooling unit, as VFD's tend to produce a lot of heat.

The most common uses of a VFD are for control of fans, pumps and compressors, and these applications account for 75% of all drives operating globally. Soft starters and across-the-line contactors are other, less sophisticated types of motor controllers. When operated from a constant frequency power source (typically 60Hz), AC induction motors are fixed speed devices. A variable frequency drive controls the speed of an AC motor by varying the frequency supplied to the motor. We have designed and fabricated the VFD Panel using variable frequency drives (Siemens, Schneider, Danfoss) and others.


  • Adjustable Speed Drive of AC Motor
  • NEMA 3R Enclosure ratings
  • Optional UL Certification
  • 3 Contactor Bypass and basic Bypass
  • Non-Bypass
  • Speed variation in response to input sensors
  • LCD, Key Pad, or HMI options for input
  • SCADA integration or leverage existing or Indus Labs developed IoT platform with Artificial Intelligence powered motor failure prediction
  • Customizable options for Pilot indicator lights
  • Optional disconnect options for your needs
  • Integrated circuit protection

LT Distribution Panel

LT Distribution Panel is widely demanded as these receive power from the transformers and supply it to the electrical appliances. Our complete range of Low Tension Distribution Panel is manufactured as per the international standards in order to offer reliable operations.

we use high rank raw materials while manufacturing our products. Our technically sound teamhoroughly tests our LT power distribution panel on a regular basis in order to offer excellent
quality standards. Moreover, we have provided sturdy construction so that these can withstand
tough environmental conditions.
Features Of Low Tension Distribution Panel

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Quality Tested
  • Timely Delivery

What Is LT Distribution Panel?

It is like a distribution board that manages the incoming and outgoing of power. It’ll receive the power from the generator and supply the same to all the devices throughout the industry and distribution boards.
Why They Are Best?
Such Electrical Panel is mainly used for internal as well as external applications in several industries. They are best because they are rugged enough to withstand all the challenging conditions and are designed to work with low electricity consumption.

Load Management Panel

As potential electrical Load Management Panels Manufacturers, we have used graded raw materials during production. Our work force has employed cutting edge technology while manufacturing our products to ensure the highest degree of quality in our products. 

Features Of Load Management Panel

  • Excellent Quality
  • Quality Tested
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Long Operating Life

Why Electrical Load Management Panel?
Its name justifies its purpose. The device is mainly designed for the purpose of managing the load on the power station to minimize short-circuit or any serious accident similar to that. These Power Control Panel are designed to prevent the overloading conditions and are available in several specifications for suiting different applications.

DG Synchronization Panel

It is widely used in various commercial applications. It is used along with the different DG sets so that these work as a single unit in delivering power. We are offering our excellent quality range in varied specifications in order to meet the expectations of the market.

We use premium quality raw materials while manufacturing our Electrical Panel. This is being
done so as to offer robust construction. In addition to this, our quality maintenance cell tests our DG Synchronizing Panel at various quality parameters to ensure the highest degree of quality in our products.

Features Of DG Synchronization Panel

  • Durability & Reliability
  • Affordable Rates
  • Premium Quality
  • Timely Delivery

Understand The Working Of DG
Synchronization Panel:

These DG Set Synchronization Panel are mainly designed and used for the purpose of meeting power system requirements and work in both the manners, manually as well as automatically. Scroll down and look below to understand the working of
the Synchronizing Panel.

  • They work between two or more power sources to manage power supply according to the need.
  • It reduces any production load.
  • It’s completely computerized design meet temperature rise limits.
  • Withstand high fault levels.

Main LT Panel

we use state of the art technology while manufacturing our products. This ensures reliable operation over a long operating life. we use graded raw materials while developing our products.

Features Of Main LT Panel

  • Sturdy construction
  • Long operating life
  • Accurate performance
  • Affordable rates

What Is The Use Of LT Panel?
It receives the main power supply from the transformer and distributes it further to several electronic appliances and distribution boards. Also, their design is able to control and monitor the mains supply from a centralized location. The device is used in applications like:

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Commercial complexes

Electrical Panel

We are offering complete range in order to meet the challenging demands of the industry. Our technically sound team manufactures our products strictly in accordance to the industry norms to offer international quality standards. Our engineers using premium quality raw materials while manufacturing Electrical Panel Board to ensure reliable operation.

What Specifications An Electrical Panel
Manufacturers Offers In Its Product?

The Electrical Panel holds multiple circuit breakers wired to a circuit that distributes power in different commercial and industrial sectors like refineries, chemicals, designing
and car and many more. These are mostly used to provide power for operating big plants and machinery. It is actually looking like a steel box that covers all the circuits and wires inside it in a controlled way, so it helps to protect your circuits from any damage or fire.

These are working on different voltage or current level so these are available in different specifications as per the requirement of the different industries. So before purchasing or
investing in an Electrical Panel, you must have to examine your current and future need of electricity units for operating machinery. Their demand increases in the market day by day because of their countless features like easy to install and operate, power efficiency, provide complete safety, outstanding design, consume less power than any
other similar product, required less maintenance, long-lasting life, affordable price, strong structure, high durability and many more.

We Serve Electrical Panel In Various Industries
These are widely used in automotive, food and beverages, power generation, metal forming machinery, process and many other industries. And because of their use in different industries demand in the national and the international market increase rapidly. The best part about these is that they are flawless for electrical arrangements and give good assistance. Don’t think much these types of panels are very good for any manufacturing facility, because of their high efficiency they help you to increase your productivity. So, what are you waiting for, buy it from reliable Electrical Panel
Features Of Electrical Panel

  • Quality assurance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Flawless performance

Fire Panel

This is widely used in domestic as well as in commercial applications in the fire detection
system. We have manufactured this product strictly in accordance to the international technology to ensure reliable operation.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Long Operating life
  • Quality Tested 

Fire Control Panel – An Important Need Of The

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel has a huge importance because it detects the fire and alerts the user about the same to prevent any serious accident in the production cell or injury to personnel.
  • It has the ability to detect where the problem has started and where it may be spreading.
  •  Also, it’ll increase the safety level and minimize the number of fire accidents.

Capacitor Panel

we are offering these in wide array of specifications in order to cater the requirements of the market. These are manufactured in accordance to the international technology. Along with this, we have also used cutting edge technology & machinery during production. Some of the most popular features of our products are long operating life, easy installation and maintenance.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Cost effective

Use Of Capacitor Panel For Power Distribution:

  • Boost Power Factor: Improving power factor is important to ensure the smooth working of the panel and the system ensures the same.
  • nsure Optimum Performance: They are a worthy device to invest in because they will automatically select the optimum value suited for capacitor and work accordingly.

Low Tension Panel

These operates at a voltage of 44o volt. These find tremendous usage in the power control and distribution, and are widely used in various industries that require power supply. We are offering our products in excellent quality standards in order to meet the diverse requirements of the industry.

Features Of LT Panel

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Cost effective

Benefits Of Low Tension Panel:
Distribute Power: The device is best to distribute uniform electricity through different devices and distribution boards.
Ensure Safety: It’ll take care of the safety of the circuits and prevent the device from getting damaged due to overloading or any other issue.
Cost You Lesser: Our Electrical Panels are made at our in-house facility under the strict guidelines to ensure that our clients will get nothing but the best at the competitive market price without emptying their wallet.

Power Control Panel

What Is Power Control Panel?
It can be described as assemblies of the power circuit and is a combination of power and control circuits. It consists of components including motor controls, switches, relays and several others to ensure the smooth and hassle-free working. You may find their need in almost every second manufacturing process.


  • Long Operating Life
  • Advance Technology
  • Excellent Performance
  • Cost Effective

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